This is the definitive response to the errors and omissions of Al Gore’s book, An Inconvenient Truth.  This is the book which knocks all the legs out from underneath the nonsense of manmade global warming, including how:
  • There have been three global warming and three global cooling periods within the last 250 years.
  • CO2 absorbs to extinction all the long wave radiation emitted by the Earth within the first 10 meters above its surface.  The doubling of CO2 does not increase temperatures of the atmosphere.  It simply reduces the absorption to extinction height to about 9.7 meters.   Above this height there is no energy remaining for CO2 to absorb anything.
  • the Citadel of CO2 measurement, the Mauna Loa station in Hawaii, sits on the world’s largest volcano, measuring CO2 belching from the surrounding Pacific Ocean and the volcano it sits on.  in 1820, 1855 and 1942, CO2 levels were measured higher than they are today.
  • the pre-Industrial Revolution baseline of CO2 measurement adopted by the International Panel on Climate Change is based solely on the findings of one scientist, George Calendar, while ignoring 90,000 other measurements by hundreds of other scientists taken over the last two centuries.
  • For the last 600,000,000 years temperatures have hovered around 12C about 14% of the time, around 22C about 50% of the time, and somewhere in between 36% of the time.  Right now we are at 14.5C, about 25% above the bottom of the historical range.  We are no where near any temperature tipping point.
  • About 550,000,000 years ago CO2 was 7,000 ppm and has wound it‘s way down to where it is today, near it’s historic low. Below 100 ppm photosynthesis ceases.  We are very close to the tipping point of Earth turning into a lifeless snowball with too little CO2 for plants to reproduce.  On the other hand, plants thrive in nurseries kept at CO2 concentrations of 1,000 ppm.  Thanks to recent CO2 increases, vegetation has increased 11% in arid areas of the world.
  • The 0.4C rise in temperature since the Industrial Revolution (IR) pales in comparison to the 1.6C increase of the Medieval Warming Period (WP), the 2.5C increase of the Roman WP, and the 3.2C increase of the Minoan WP using the IR as a baseline.  The average temperature has been declining for the last 6,000 years.   We are at the very end of the present 10,500 year old Interglacial WP.  After this comes about 90,000 years of snow, ice, advancing glaciers and incredible loss of life.  Enjoy the warmth while you can.
  • The temperature data for the last 100 years has been twisted and contorted by scientists to comply with the global warming agenda.  Under the guise of 'homogenizing' data sets, NOAA has chopped off the cooler temperatures of the late 1800s, thus making trends afterwards look warmer.  Also, the percentage of fake temperature measurement stations since 1993 has increased from 5% to 43%, over an 800% increase.  A new fake station was created in Africa which helped conclude that 2016 was the warmest year ever.  This fake science from fake data has created an ever-increasing temperature record, when the satellite data says since 1998 there has been no warming at all.
  • For the last 1400 years there have been 6 distinctive cycles of CO2 concentration as registered in plant leaf stomata proxy data.  Each cycle is about 230 years in duration with a 300 ppm minimum and 400 ppm maximum.  As of 2016, 400 ppm was reached, the top of the cycle.  If history repeats, expect this deVries cycle to reverse and produce lower CO2 readings over the next 115 or so years.
  • According to ice core records, the CO2 increases occur about 800 years AFTER the temperature increases.  CO2 doesn’t cause rising temperatures, rising water temperatures cause CO2 to gas out of solution from the world’s oceans into the atmosphere.  CO2 is not a driver of climate.  CO2 is a passenger.